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About Us

With the help of JIC and FIT VUT, a team of three students was formed in Brno, Czech Republic. All of them saw the immense potential in artificial intelligence, but they felt there was a lack of it's practical applications. Many of the amazing discoveries stay in research centers and laboratories and never get to be used in the public. Our goal is to find a practical use for these technologies to solve everyday problems.

Petr Buchal

CEO, Machine Learning

Graduated at Brno University of Technology, where he worked as a researcher in the field neural networks. His bachelor's and master's thesis received the dean's award. They focus on recommendation engines, image processing and reinforcement learning.

Vladimír Jeřábek

Backend Developer

A guy interested in IT security who likes to explore new technologies, such as a blockchain or neural networks. A big fan of open-source projects and a loyal Linux user. He focuses on how the program works rather than how it looks.

Martin Ivančo

Frontend Developer

Besides building apps, Martin is passionate about innovative design that helps us work more efficiently. This enables him to create the rich and intuitive user experiences you'll find throughout Discyo.

Written about us...

We're deeply grateful for the coverage of our progress in the press!